About Me

I'm Karen McAleese, a freelance copywriter and web content writer from Glasgow, UK. I write clear, clever and compelling content for individuals, businesses, and agencies. Whether it's blogs, articles, website copy, newsletters, press releases or email marketing copy you need, I'm passionate about writing content that engages readers and potential new customers.

I'm a dab hand at creating a distinctive tone of voice for your advertising campaign or sales copy. I can get people hyped up and interested in your brand. I write punchy product descriptions for your e-commerce website that'll have those virtual shopping carts bursting at the seams. If you need your website content, blog posts or articles optimised for search engines I can help you with that too. In fact, any kind of online or offline copywriting you need - I've got it covered.

Check out my blog and portfolio pages to view my writing style and unique tone of voice. Feel free to contact me or send an email to karenmcaleese13@gmail.com to discuss your writing needs or for a quick chat to see what I can do for you.